Overview of Scrimmage

This page will help you get started with Scrimmage Rewards. You'll be up and running in a jiffy!


Scrimmage is a white label rewards program that operators can plug in to their existing app and website. On average, the addition of our rewards program boosts handle wagered by 5x for the users in the program, and an integration can be done within 1 day.

How we boost engagement by 5x

One word, gamification. We facilitate rewards back to your users for the actions they take on your app & website (placing bets, referring friends, etc.), but we do it in a gamified way. We designed our loyalty game from principals that the video game industry employs so successfully and every action the user takes is designed to trigger a sense of progression, mastery, competition, customization, and of course... risk taking. Because of this, your product now appeals to your user even when that "risk-taking" motivator gets burned out. Which very simply leads to more engagement.

How the rewards work

Rewards are shared from a portion of the operator's GGR, and the rewards will only be made available to users that are active within the rewards program. These rewards can be redeemed for gift cards or an increased betting balance at the operator, as well as spent within the rewards program itself for additional enhancements.

Scrimmage's team will develop and maintain a version of the rewards software for the operator, customized specifically for the operator to increase their user engagement, at no cost to the operator. Scrimmage earns revenue only when a user chooses to spend their coin rewards back into the rewards game.

The user experience is simple:

  1. Users place bets at the operator and collect coin rewards on the rewards tab
  2. Users accept quests, prompting additional action with the operator
  3. Users level up and progress the more they bet and engage with the operator, resulting in incremental benefits to the user
  4. Users can cash out their coin rewards or reinvest back into the game