Scrimmage Rewards can be integrated into your web application in two ways:

Scrimmage Rewards Widget

The Scrimmage Rewards Widget is an HTML single page application that can be embedded into your application. Scrimmage manages the hosting, certificates, and security of the widget. You can customize the widget to match your application's look and feel.

Integration via the widget is the easiest way to get started with Scrimmage Rewards.

For more information, see integration instructions based on your platform:

If your platform is not supported, you can check out the Other integrations for instructions on how to integrate Scrimmage Rewards into your application.

Scrimmage Rewards API

The Scrimmage Rewards API is a REST API that can be used to integrate Scrimmage Rewards into your application.
The API is more flexible than the widget, but it requires more work to integrate. Also, you will be responsible for
updating the API client when new versions are released. On the other hand, you will have more control over the
integration and you will be able to customize it to your needs.

Check out the API Reference for more information.